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We teach you how to build your business foundation using an EIN (Employer Identification Number). This allows you to keep your business separate from your personal life.

Skip the bank

A majority business owners attempt to get loans through traditional banks and most of them get denied. As you'll learn in our training, you are far more likely to get funding through other sources.

GET funding

As you go through our education process you will learn how to build your business foundation and apply for vendor, store, fleet and revolving business account. Even if you don't have good personal history, you can still get business funding. We teach you how.

Learn How to Build Your Business Foundation

Learn how to establish your business foundation. Keep it separate from your personal life. Continue to build your business foundation. Enjoy your peace of mind and success!

The 4-Step Guide For Business Foundation

Building Credibility

Lenders need to know who they are working with. Start-up or not, you need to set up your business with a strong foundation. The first part of building credibility is establishing a corporate entity if you have not already.

Business History Report

Get copies of your business reports to see what is being reported before you start building your business. These reports will show some of your business history.

Get Vendor Approvals

Now it’s time to establish your business credibility. Similar to building personal foundation with small steps, you will need to work with starter vendors to build your business credibility.

get revolving accounts

After you have established some credibility with vendor accounts, the next step is to get revolving account lines. Whereas vendor accounts must be paid in full every month, revolving account lines do not.